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An idea is not yet a model

Let's design unique models and transform your business, together!

Innovative and smart business models are changing the world. The scale of what we’re designing has shifted from products to companies, to systems.

We collaborate to design unique and exponential business models.

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here is how it works?

The Business Design Flow



Framing a challenge is one of the most critical steps in an innovation process. Doing it properly helps you stay on point and determine the true focus. Defining a challenge is about identifying the right solution. By framing the challenge with a statement narrow enough to provide us focusing the right point and saving precious time.



Spending some time on discovery is substantial for the next steps.

This is about trying to learn as much as we can about the as-is and also the challenge in front of us. Exploring what is truly unique to you, your company, your product or your service.



Coming up with various viable models to select the best. 

Designing the new systems for your business by modeling and structuring the most important aspects of your company. In this stage, we need to look beyond the way things are currently being done. By testing the new ideas, the service/model/product will be iterated to a better version of it.  



Choosing the most valuable model to implement. 

When you armed with the perfect models, it is time to decide one of them. The next step is starting the groundwork on the company itself and take it from a concept to reality. Now, you have the final iteration of the business model, you may begin to implement.



Ending up the collaboration with shifting the mindset.

In the whole process, we discover together, design together and learn together. The main reason for experiencing the whole process together is shifting the as-is mindset to a design-led innovation mindset.  


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